Monday, September 18, 2006

Long overdue?

Well Jack is a faithful blog reader and sometimes his hours of pouring over the blogosphere pays off. Today was one of those days. He found a new blog Spouse Buzz It's a new blog for military spouses. It has a group of writers -there's a bunch of em so go potty and get a beverage and a tissue you'll be there for awhile-lots of perspectives. I found myself laughing out loud and tearing up as well . It's wonderful to hear about others just like me. It's comforting especially while Jack is so far away to know that others have been where I am and have gotten through it and can now just laugh about all the fun they had. I was a military brat. Dad was an Air Force officer. Much different on this side of it ( Army enlisted spouse) but it's an adventure right? Yes! Everyday is something new. SO if you're a military spouse too, go check out this new blog it's great!! Thanks Homefront Six. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just another day in Paradise?

These are really so Jack and grandma can look and see the girls. Missy is in mid sentence as usual and the little one is eating as usual. Just another day here in Paradise for these girls. These were taken at our last company BBQ. All ten of us had a good time , Ha Ha not a great turn out maybe this new company will have better leadership and participation. I can only hope.

Just as a "personal rant" as Jack would say. I am appalled by the show of underwear at the FRG meeting tonight! I mean for goodness sakes!!! I must have seen about 20 ladies (if you could really call them that) undergarments hanging out of their pants... Don't people own mirrors these days? I am so tired of looking at tiny thongs riding WAY up over their waist and WAY above their pants. Is this a fashion trend? EWWWW People let's show a wee bit more self respect when we are dressing to go out in public. If you are wearing these new low rider pants PLUHEEZE at least wear a top that covers your crack when you sit down. In addition if you are FAT (and you know who you are!) wear garments that cover up your rolls when you sit and move about. This is not attractive it's just plain gross. Our post recently had to implement a policy on undergarments showing in public places...This is getting out of control. I think us mature people should start pointing out these fashion faux pas to the younger women we see violating our eyes with their idea of fashion. This is just plain trashy! I hope this trend is dead and buried when my girls get older, if not they'll be geeks in their normal jeans and covered cracks!