Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

So I took my children to the Schofield Barracks pool the other day. They got a new cool slide that is a ton of fun. So my littlest child is having a grand time splashing around in the big pool. No more baby pool for us! She just took the lifeguard's test so she doesn't have to wear the encumbering lifevest anymore. She is thrilled! So I am sitting there on the side of the pool with homework in hand of course...and she looks up at me and asks..."Mom, is there gravity in water? I mean how come I don't fall?"

...stunned silence... ummm ...I'm stumped. Here I am sitting at the pool doing homework to finish my Master's degree in Accounting, I mean I am no dummy here, but my seven year old has stumped me in five words. How can this be? This child of mine is always thinking. Of course she still walks into the occassional wall and can not help herself from touching everything she sees but man she is a thinker!

I of course went right home and googled it. So just incase your child ever asks..."There is gravity everywhere, even in outer space. Gravity happens when something has mass and is pulled by other items that have mass. In water, there is also a buoyancy force that works in the opposite direction to gravity". Thank you very much MIT Alum Sue Kayton from Great site for all sorts of questions. I learn something new everyday. Isn't parenting grand ?