Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still here!

Well after that Blog birthday I went a little awol. But since my dear sister in law wants some more blogging she gets what she wants! I've been a little distracted with my life here in paradise. Jack is leaving for the desert very soon so we are walking on eggshells trying to be in good spirits before he goes. This isn't so easy when nerves are so frazzled and the pending deployment is causing some anxiousness. But recognizing that this is normal is a huge step for us and we are trying. My dad just left from a week long visit which went really well. The girls love him (even though they hadn't seen him since they were itty bitty babies) He played a ton of board games with them which they just ate right up!! We went to the beach and we all made a huge hole (we've decided holes are more fun than castles) They loved him immediately!! What's not to love? My dad is really great with kids! We had a great time with him. I wish he could have stayed longer but he had to jet off to the Philippines to save the world from counterfeit clothing hee hee that was a joke. But we all agreed not to let 4 years pass before we get together again. We will plan a trip to Disney World this year which I personally can't wait for!! I think I am more excited than the kids! I LOVE Disney World and have great memories of Space Mountain rides with my Mom and Dad. Fun fun!