Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been tagged?

Okie dokie... here goes. I've been TAGGED!

I'm no woman of mystery but I've been tagged so I'll play along. Here goes...
five "FOUR" questions for me to answer
Four dishes I like to cook (and eat):
1. Thai Beef Salad (Yahm Nua)
2. chicken enchiladas
3. Thai chicken and coconut soup
4. homemade pizza with the girls

Four qualities I love in people:
1. Honesty
2. Outgoing/spontaneous
3. Humor
4. Integrity....not neccesarily in that order :)

Four places I have been(other than the mainland):
1. Philippines
2. Hongkong
3. Germany
4. Hawaii!!

Four things in my bedroom:
1. My bed, of course
2. A vintage 1967 Snoopy and Woodstock telephone that was actually used by my family when I was younger, my mom gave it to me a few years ago.
3. My favorite quilt given to me by Jack (one of his better gifts) beautiful American flags, handmade from pottery barn.
4. Vintage Fisher-Price Camper..great gift from my was one of my favorite toys when I was young.

Four dirty words (phrases) I like/tend to use:
first I have to say I don't use these words often...but when I do need an explative...
1. Shitballs! not sure where I picked this one up but it seems to fit in alot around here.
2. Are you freaking kidding me??
hmmm can't think of any others...I guess that's a good thing?

Four objects I will never part with, and will leave to someone to inherit when I die:
1. My vintage Fisher-price toys (see above)
2. The American Flag Chest (another great gift from Jack)
3. My engagement ring it's a keeper!
4. My Asian cookbook (hmmm another gift from Jack...aren't I lucky?)
So there you have it...All you never wanted to know about me. Ha


Blogger Katy said...

Well, where do you keep the American flag chest? I am going to send an undercover operative to aquire that for me....

5:18 AM, November 28, 2007  
Blogger Army Wife said...

uh yeah I want this coconut chicken soup recipe

7:12 PM, December 01, 2007  
Blogger wendy said...

My mom has all of our old (what? vintage? are we vintage already?) little people toys - my kids love to play with those when we go visit!

Fun meme!

12:45 PM, December 04, 2007  
Blogger Barb said...

See, now you have to write a post about the chest, and show us a picture :-)

1:08 PM, December 07, 2007  
Anonymous linda said...

I agree with Barb!

9:52 AM, February 01, 2008  

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