Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year?

I haven't been too good about blogging here lately. It is not because I am so super busy entertaining my princesses while they are on winter break. The sad truth is I've just been hanging out passing time and that isn't too thrilling to blog about. The holidays were nice. My mom came to visit Hawaii for the first time. We didn't do much of the touristy stuff I am sorry to say. Instead we got alot of nagging tasks organize Christmas decor and packed it away so that more of it might survive until next Christmas. We also decluttered my room which had become some sort of storage heap for every item in the house I didn't have the energy to put away (and since Jack's gone it's no longer a love nest). But it looks really nice now. We organized the kids clothes and weeded out the things that no longer fit and took them to the thrift store. That seemed unsurmountable before my mom got here but we nagged eachother and got it done. Thanks mom! Now if I can just keep it clean and organized for awhile. That would make a Happy New Year.