Thursday, February 22, 2007

long time no posts

Well I am back on the blog o sphere... lots has happened since Christmas.

We had another trip to the ER with our littlest princess. This time she swallowed a dime which got stuck in her trachea and had to be extracted. So we got an all expense paid ride in an ambulance (from our little clinic to the big pink hospital) and an over night stay in an ocean view room. It would have been quite wonderful had I not been scared out of my mind the entire time. So we get home from that wonderful event and a few days later realize the 11yr old freak that lives behind us has been a bit too friendly with our second to littlest princess. She is now learning things I didn't want my kindergartner to have to concern herself with. Like the fact that all people aren't good and nice, and some people (gasp) don't treat others in the manner they would hope to be treated. Shocking for a five yr old. The the oldest and original princess got a wonderful digital camera from her grandmother and uses it for her photography class at school and has it stolen by a fellow classmate right under her nose. Of course the laid back Hawaiian culture doesn't help the teacher do his part in solving the crime. He lets all the students go to the next class with hardly a word. So we filed our third police report and are severely disappointed again with Hawaiians lack of concern for breaking the law. I get the feeling these police reports are lining someones bird cage somewhere.

Not all my news is as distressing... Jack got home for R&R in time for his birthday and Valentines Day. Even though he blogged 11 posts in 17 days, (insert big sigh here) we had some good times. Went to the beach, the movies and ate some Thai food. My cousin, Diver Bob, and his family are visiting Hawaii and having a great time. They have really pointed out how much there is to do and see here. They have seen and done more in Hawaii in a week than I have in 15 months! That's crazy. I had better start taking advantage of all the activities before we get orders. Get ready friends I may be dragging you along on my outings know who you are!