Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm un-jinxing myself!

SO...here's my theory...the guys at the blogworld expo in Las Vegas last year jinxed me!
You know those guys that were promoting a blogging movie out of a VW bug? They handed out stickers that read "I Can't Stop Blogging". After Jack and I arrived home with our bags o swag (stuff we all get at these expo thingys), I put my sticker on my new laptop. As ridiculously superstitious as it sounds the freaking sticker has put some sort of anti blogging hex on my computer. Not a single post since I put that stupid thing on there. Coincidence? ...I think not.
So this is my official un-jinxing post.

The fact I haven't blogged in awhile couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact Jack returned from 15 months of desert fun, my fifteen year old had a melt down and moved to Chicago (to live with her dad for the first time since she was 4yrs old), I volunteer for my 5 and 6 yr olds Parent teacher organization, I am working on my master's in Accounting, or I just started a full time job. Nah none of those things interfere with blogging at all. It's the darn sticker I'm sure of it.

I intend to begin blogging again...right after I scrub the residual sticker goo off my computer. I will be reviewing a book : "I Will Not Be Broken: Five Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis," by Jerry White, the co-founder of Survivor Corps http://iwillnotbebroken.org I've already read the intro and first two chapters (thanks to the free download) and it's going to be inspirational and help so many people. I know it is something all my readers (yes all two of them ...hi dad!) will enjoy and pass on to those around them that need to hear the message and take the steps. I know I will. Looking forward to blogging again.