Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

So I took my children to the Schofield Barracks pool the other day. They got a new cool slide that is a ton of fun. So my littlest child is having a grand time splashing around in the big pool. No more baby pool for us! She just took the lifeguard's test so she doesn't have to wear the encumbering lifevest anymore. She is thrilled! So I am sitting there on the side of the pool with homework in hand of course...and she looks up at me and asks..."Mom, is there gravity in water? I mean how come I don't fall?"

...stunned silence... ummm ...I'm stumped. Here I am sitting at the pool doing homework to finish my Master's degree in Accounting, I mean I am no dummy here, but my seven year old has stumped me in five words. How can this be? This child of mine is always thinking. Of course she still walks into the occassional wall and can not help herself from touching everything she sees but man she is a thinker!

I of course went right home and googled it. So just incase your child ever asks..."There is gravity everywhere, even in outer space. Gravity happens when something has mass and is pulled by other items that have mass. In water, there is also a buoyancy force that works in the opposite direction to gravity". Thank you very much MIT Alum Sue Kayton from Great site for all sorts of questions. I learn something new everyday. Isn't parenting grand ?

Friday, October 31, 2008

hmmm well much for un-jinxing myself...

Well...I guess there is more to an unjinxing than I was aware of...may need to track those sticker guys down or something. We missed the blogging convention all together. Neither of us could take time off work. yuk and double yuk!
Forgive me for not blogging. Truth is I'm freakishly busy, overworked and extremely sleep deprived. Thank goodness my mom moved in with us in June (poor Jack) or I would have dropped dead by now. I don't know how I'm going to function when she leaves. Who would have thought I could be a wife and parent, have a full time job and be a full time graduate student? This just isn't fun at all. I keep telling myself it will be worth it but I might be more convincing if my employer were footing at least some of my tuition...
Jack is still blogging as far as I know... we don't see much of eachother these days. He's here and not in the sandbox this time but he's out the door an hour before I'm up and either home after I go to sleep or he goes to bed as soon as he gets home from sheer exhaustion... I think we communicated more when he was deployed. Such is life here in paradise. I sure do miss being a stay at home mom sometimes... Gotta get back to the homework...I'm an excellent procrastinator so maybe I'll blog again soon. I'd love to blog about the wonderful place I work...and if you know me at all you heard the scarcasim dripping off that sentence. hee hee hee.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm un-jinxing myself!'s my theory...the guys at the blogworld expo in Las Vegas last year jinxed me!
You know those guys that were promoting a blogging movie out of a VW bug? They handed out stickers that read "I Can't Stop Blogging". After Jack and I arrived home with our bags o swag (stuff we all get at these expo thingys), I put my sticker on my new laptop. As ridiculously superstitious as it sounds the freaking sticker has put some sort of anti blogging hex on my computer. Not a single post since I put that stupid thing on there. Coincidence? ...I think not.
So this is my official un-jinxing post.

The fact I haven't blogged in awhile couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact Jack returned from 15 months of desert fun, my fifteen year old had a melt down and moved to Chicago (to live with her dad for the first time since she was 4yrs old), I volunteer for my 5 and 6 yr olds Parent teacher organization, I am working on my master's in Accounting, or I just started a full time job. Nah none of those things interfere with blogging at all. It's the darn sticker I'm sure of it.

I intend to begin blogging again...right after I scrub the residual sticker goo off my computer. I will be reviewing a book : "I Will Not Be Broken: Five Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis," by Jerry White, the co-founder of Survivor Corps I've already read the intro and first two chapters (thanks to the free download) and it's going to be inspirational and help so many people. I know it is something all my readers (yes all two of them ...hi dad!) will enjoy and pass on to those around them that need to hear the message and take the steps. I know I will. Looking forward to blogging again.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been tagged?

Okie dokie... here goes. I've been TAGGED!

I'm no woman of mystery but I've been tagged so I'll play along. Here goes...
five "FOUR" questions for me to answer
Four dishes I like to cook (and eat):
1. Thai Beef Salad (Yahm Nua)
2. chicken enchiladas
3. Thai chicken and coconut soup
4. homemade pizza with the girls

Four qualities I love in people:
1. Honesty
2. Outgoing/spontaneous
3. Humor
4. Integrity....not neccesarily in that order :)

Four places I have been(other than the mainland):
1. Philippines
2. Hongkong
3. Germany
4. Hawaii!!

Four things in my bedroom:
1. My bed, of course
2. A vintage 1967 Snoopy and Woodstock telephone that was actually used by my family when I was younger, my mom gave it to me a few years ago.
3. My favorite quilt given to me by Jack (one of his better gifts) beautiful American flags, handmade from pottery barn.
4. Vintage Fisher-Price Camper..great gift from my was one of my favorite toys when I was young.

Four dirty words (phrases) I like/tend to use:
first I have to say I don't use these words often...but when I do need an explative...
1. Shitballs! not sure where I picked this one up but it seems to fit in alot around here.
2. Are you freaking kidding me??
hmmm can't think of any others...I guess that's a good thing?

Four objects I will never part with, and will leave to someone to inherit when I die:
1. My vintage Fisher-price toys (see above)
2. The American Flag Chest (another great gift from Jack)
3. My engagement ring it's a keeper!
4. My Asian cookbook (hmmm another gift from Jack...aren't I lucky?)
So there you have it...All you never wanted to know about me. Ha

Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogworld Expo day two

Sat in on a terriffic milblog session, Blogging from the Front. Of course my favorite speaker of all time is Jack Army and he didn't disappoint. I was surprised to see the audience demographic almost an even split between male and female. Not that that's a bad thing, just an interesting observation for me. It was surprising to see the audience a little on the sparce side. I thought the milblog track of seesions was quite popular and full of relevant current events. I could be biased...nah. I'm a little on the tired side today, and not for the reason you would think...we went to the 10pm Cirque de Solie show last night. We went to one that was based on the music from the Beetles. WOW! It was amazing. Really a good show and if you ever get the opportunity to go, do it. It was cool.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blogworld fun

Here at the Expo and already having fun. (No kids...coincidence?...I think not)
Tons of stereotypical geeky bloggers to laugh at and at the same time some great bloggers to learn stuff from. Not to suggest at all that you can't learn anything from the geeks quite the contrary in fact. Anyhoo...
Jack Army and I are sitting in on the milblogging track. Good info and although some of it was a wee bit over my head, it amazes me how far blogging, specifically milblogging, has come. I know I sometimes crawl too far under my parenting rock, but I had no idea the White House sat down face to face with milbloggers...That's cool! Jack would have loved to be in on that one. I am sure had they known he was available, instead of doing war stuff in Iraq, he would have been invited. We are staying at the cool castle Excalibur Hotel. It's pretty neat...our little princesses will be so jealous..oohh not to mention the pajama party ...they love a good pj bash.

Long time no blog

Hopefully my four readers haven't missed me too much.
A lot has been going on in the past month or so. Jack Army returned from Iraq and we all know what that means...Yep I gotta share my computer. Only because his is in the shop getting un-desertified--which means dumping out the sand from Iraq. Not that I mind of course, I mean I don't blog very often anyway... far too busy being a mom and all.
But there is good reason to blog today! We are in Las Vegas at the 2007 Blogworld & New Media Expo. Unfortunately our bags haven't made it yet so excuse the stentch. We got here last night from Hawaii where we left our children in the care of friends for five whole days! I just can't believe it. Five days with no children what will I do? Who will follow me to the bathroom? What will I worry about...oh I'm sure I'll find do people who walk around with their mouths open get sick more? Nah I'm kidding...any mom knows the worrying doesn't stop because of distance in fact I think it makes it worse. Anyhoo...I'm excited to be here (kid free) and to see Jack in all his blogging glory...He's on a panel, how exciting.
I'm sure we'll both be blogging in the the next few days (hours for Jack ha ha) so stay tuned!

Friday, September 21, 2007

OOPS! broke first rule of journalism

I should have checked out the source for myself. Craig Smith wrote that rant on America Not Jay Leno. I'm sorry to misinform my HUGE readership. I guess you can't totally blame me though..I mean I do take full responsibility for messing up and not checking this out, but I suppose it is more of a story coming from Jay Leno as opposed to Craig Smith. I never even heard of this I don't want to nominate him for the presidency...not that I "knew" Jay Leno either but I hope you know what I'm saying here. At any rate thanks a bunch for keeping me on the straight and narrow and checking up on things. This is why America is awesome. I can say whatever I want whether it be true or not...and if I mess up nobody comes to my door and kills me and my family. Nice isn't it??? I know I love it! Great! Now everyone get right out there and thank a soldier! And have a great day in America land of the free and home of the brave.