Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back in Lake Charles!

So we are back in the land of...hmm what's the word I'm looking for??? STINK yeah that's it. The Land of STINK! Jack came home Monday to check things out before the kids and I came back yesterday. Lucky for me he emptied out the nasty fridge before I got here. But it still STINKS! The whole house smells kinda strange but we've got candles burning while I clean the house to get it to freshen up. I guess it's just a stale smell but still it isn't fresh and clean like it is usually. I do love Febrezze but who knew it was flamable?? SO FYI don't spray it near an open flame... I think it actually says that on the lable but... who reads those until it's too late.

Anyway... The part that sucks is that we were all ready for the movers to come on Thursday before the hurricane. We had tons of stuff everywhere ie: books down from the attic stacked up in the living room, clothes laid all over my room b/c we emptied out the walk in closet so we could separate unaccompanied baggage from household goods, it looks like RITA came in and tackled the kid's room. Not a piece of floor in sight it is completely cover with stuff! Ugh.. all the neighbors are coming for dinner tonight. That's a good incentive for me to get things in order quicker. There is just so much to do... the garage is a mess, the dining room is covered with stuff, our bedroom is chaos... I am looking forward to getting things in order before the movers come and feeling better organized before we leave for Hawaii. I think this little evacuation was like a trail run for living out of a suitcase for two weeks. I wrote down somethings I missed that I forgot to pack like nail clippers and perfume (you never realize what you use until you don't have it) I wasn't my fresh, groomed self for the past two weeks and it was hell! I am in desperate need of a pedicure!
The new plan is that the kids and I are staying here until the 19th. We will go to San Antonio. Jack will be here to meet the movers on the 20th and then steam clean carpets, finish cleaning up the house, and have the move out inspection done. He'll clear and out process at Ft. Polk andjoin us in SA. Then we will be done with the armpit of america (Lousy-ana) forever! Thinking about that last comment.. Louisiana is probably not the actual "armpit of america" even though it is moist and stinky...if you look at the map..Washinton state and Maine are arms, California and Florida are legs ...that leaves Lousy-ana to be...the crotch! and I guess sometimes that area could be moist and stinky so...
But I digress... We will leave San Antonio around the 1st of November for Hawaii!! Then we will be in limbo again for another month or so until we get housing. I am not very fond of limbo. I just want to be settled. who knows when our stuff will ever get there. not to mention our van which we won't be able to drop off until after the 22nd. So we'll be with out a vehicle for a month in Hawaii! Yikes... I wonder how much it is to rent a car over there?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

we are alive!

Well, we survived the hurricane. we fled to Leesville and stayed with a friends family during the storm. They got hit pretty good and lost power and water Saturday. We stayed for a few days and then decided we were being a burden so we left for San Antonio on Monday. Now we are mooching from family and waiting until the wonderful folks in Lake Charles get the electricity back on. Oh and just in case the owner of our house are reading: the house did pretty good. A few pieces of siding are down, a handful of shingles are off and one of the vents (whirly thingy) from the roof is gone. A friend went and checked for us this morning. Much to our dismay we didn't get our household goods packed up and moved out before the storm hit. As soon as the power is restored we will have the Army come and pack everything up and take it to Hawaii! We are working as fast as we can to get out of Lousy-ana. These storms are getting ridiculous!