Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm baaaack!

I apologize for that last post. I was having a seriously bad day(week, month...Year?) My children are trying to push me over the edge with embarrassing the crap out of me! I have a three year old who refuses to be potty trained! She doesn't want to be a big girl, wants to be my baby forever! (oh great!) It's come down to neighbors being involved...borrowing princess potty chairs and still she craps in her undies at the bowling alley! {hmmm what's that smell?...oh that would be my child's butt!!}
My four year old, cute as a button little girl, told a new friend's little seven year old boy she wanted to have SEX with him. ARUGH!! Although both kids think that word means kissing, I wonder what kind of parents exposes a four year old to such words! Yikes! I never thought my kids would be the one that people told their kids not to play with...But if a kid said that to one of my daughters that's probably what I'd do.
So ...That leaves the 13 yr old... of course she has to get in on terrorizing her mother. She lost her retainer and said she looked everywhere for it. it was gone a week before she even mentioned it to me. I know, such a responsible child I raised... I found it under sher bed! ARUGH she didn't even say thanks...
So needless to say that week was the one that pushed this otherwise completely sane and capable (yeah right) woman completely over the edge! Andrea Yates doesn't seem so crazy to me now...and bathtubs are harder and harder to walk past. {for all you sane people... that was a joke!! really} If it weren't for my great commentors (yes all three of you!!) I don't think I would have made it. THANKS!! and leave a comment they keep me and my kids safe!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Last post

I am done blogging. I am not going to post anymore because it just seems so fake and forced. My children are really undisciplined and rude, not the cute little angels you see here in my blog. My family is really not enjoying Hawaii as much as it seems. I am surprisingly a failure at many things not just blogging.