Saturday, May 27, 2006

Treasure hunter

well it's official my daughter is a fish! Like mother like daughter I suppose. We both love the water. I was sitting with her outside today while she swam and swam and I told her about the time my dad made me a pool in our back yard. He dug the hole and everything. (eventually he called in a bulldozer but still, to my little four yr old mind he dug that hole) So as I told her how I sat in about two inches of water waiting for the hose to fill this gi-normous pool.. . she laughed because she did the same thing when I filled this pool up for her birthday...then I told her I used to pretend I was diving for treasure when my dad would throw pennies in the pool and I would dive down and retrieve them. Of course I had to go in and fetch some pennies.... so after about two seconds she goes down and comes up with her "treasure". The thing that amazes me is that she can't even swim and just a year ago wouldn't get her face wet in the bath tub... my how fast they grow. Happy Early Father's Day Dad! I do have good memories with you in them! Can't wait for you to visit us in Hawaii!

My children are brilliant!!

Even in her sleep she is deep in thought (see the finger on her cheeck) She was obviously thinking very hard an a subject before she surrendered to dreamland. Maybe she was thinking why do I always fall asleep when daddy's around. hmmmm coincidence I think not.
Poor Daddy he's so tired...I guess they don't have comfy couches at NTC.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have not fallen off the face of the earth

Contrary to popular belief I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Just drowning in parenting paradise ( or is it Hell?) Our 13 yr old is brilliant and been a straight A student for most of her life. Progress reports show her failing English and Algebra !! Failing!! She actually got sent to the office for REFUSING to finish an assignment and being all around disrespectful to GT teacher. Then my recently potty trained almost three yr old has started poopin in the pants again. We had four weeks of no accidents and then all of a sudden bam!! POOP! every day for the past week! What happen to pooping every other day??? WAHHH She still gets to the potty just fine for #1 so what the heck?? It's not like she forgot where the thing is! She is also strangely dry at night as opposed to the four yr old who is soaked through pull-ups every night and last night for an added surprise had diarrhea during the night as well...yuk.
My lucky Jack is missing all this excitement. But I am sure he is having fun playing GI Joes with all his friends in the sand. He's due home in a few weeks and I am seriously thinking of taking a week off of parenting. He's so much better at it anyway. And just incase Jack reads this before he returns be prepared....I rearranged the furniture...I am an Army wife, that's what I do when I get stressed... move furniture. Change is really the only constant in my life. :)