Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm baaack

I've been home from vacation for awhile but my mom has been visiting and I haven't had much time to blog. I've actually been reading! My mom recommended a book by J.A Konrath (Whiskey Sour--it's a funny detective/murder type). I read it all in two days! I decided to read her second book too(Bloody Mary). I finished both of those so now I'm starting on Sue Grafton's books. Normally reading a book wouldn't be all that much to blog about but mommies can probably relate. It's not uncommon for mommies to sacrifice hobbies, free time and sleep for their children. I haven't read a whole book since my babies were born. Maybe now that they are 3 and 4, I may start getting a break here and there and use that break to read. Last night I sat on the bathroom floor so I could finish the one I was reading. It was worth it (even with the broken tail bone) to sit on the cold hard floor and have some uninterrupted time to just read. Did I say uninterrupted? Okay it wasn't exactly. Maybe my next residence will have a bathroom with a lock!
My sister and her daughter are visiting this week. We went to the mall and to the water park. We made strawberry daquiries for the pre-teen girls and they pretended they were models when we took thier pictures outside by the pool.
oh to be 12 again!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

In New York

So here we are in New York at a cafe checking email and yes! updating my blog! Yipee! It has been quite the trip. I decided to fly up to upstate (Lockport) NewYork with my youngest daughter to see who she got her red hair from and to visit my grandpa who is 97 and not doing so great. So we arrived late Wednesday night, I got up Thursday morning to come down for breakfast and fell right down my grandmother's old wooden stairs! Ouch! I went to the ER Friday night, after a day and a half of excrutiating pain, just to find out that my coccyx (tail bone) is fractured and there is really nothing to do for it. Great. I got some pain meds but I haven't taken any. We fly home tomorrow to Houston and then have to drive two and a half hours to Lake Charles. A whole day on my butt sounds great huh? I hope there is some sympathy waiting for me at home. If you're lucky Jack will take a picture of my pretty purple bruise.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


It's the day before the Fourth of July. I love July, not only because I can dress the kids in Americana outfits, go watch fireworks and have an Americana themed Pekeno party, I also love the patriotic events that seem to come out of everywhere. Yesterday I watched a ton of cool movies...Black Hawk Down, We Were Soldiers Once and Young, Hart's War... etc it was some patriotic themed movie marathon! Yipee! My favorite. I am not sure why I love these things so much. Maybe because I was raised on a military base in the Philippines. Maybe because I was born during the Vietnam War and my father was over there when I was born until after I was walking. I think I've loved the military ever since. I truly can't wait to get our orders so we can move back to a military post again. This is the first time in my life that I have lived more than a ten minute drive from a military installation. (Fort Polk is over an hour away) I am not particularly fond of the civilian community. I miss the camaraderie, the instant friends that you can meet at the commissary or PX. The neighbors that are from all parts of the country and have a more global view of the world, as opposed to these civilians who have never left the state of their birth. It seems they are just so closed minded. For instance...I love it when people tell me they hate sushi and then proceed to tell me they've never tasted it. I didn't love the idea of eating raw fish myself so the first time I tried it I didn't like it either...But at least I tried it before I formed an opinion, now I really love it. We even make it at home sometimes.
I tell you living in Louisiana has been quite the experience. People here will turn their nose up to clean, fresh raw fish yet swarm to mounds of muddy crawfish ready to squeeze the heads off, crack the bodies open getting their fingers all nasty for this tiny piece of gritty, sandy meat. Too much work for such a small morsel of not so great tasting food. That's my opinion of course but you know I have tried it on more than one occasion. I can honestly say I don't really care for it.
sister started her blog and I hope she keeps up with it better than I am. She has a ton of funny stories from her hilarious family. When ever I talk to her my face just aches from laughing so much. So keep it up Fern! I can't wait.