Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have been a blogger for a whole year! I don't post as often as Jack but I am still here and enjoying posting a little more often. Alot has happened in a year. We had issues with NewOrleans Recruiting Command and crazy landlords, survived a hurricane, evacuations and relatives, then moved to Hawaii just to get ready for Jack to go to war. What a year! In the year ahead we are looking forward to having our first visitor since we moved here. My dad is visiting in July. Yipee! Our middle child will start kindergarten at the end of July. She is really excited and truthfully so am I. Can't wait for the million questions a day to stop. Anyone with a five yr old can relate. (How come everyone doesn't have a mommy? They do. Well Lilo doesn't! - How does the moon stay in the sky? Can we trade in the bunny for a puppy?) After awhile I get lazy and say "i just don't know" I feel guilty when I say it though. I imagine her as this little sponge trying to soak in all this knowledge and I am just plum out of it at the moment. Maybe I should start doing crossword puzzles or somthing cuz I just don't have all the answers all the time. She makes my brain hurt.
But I digress, we are not so looking forward to some other things. Our oldest daughter starting High school. Yikes! And Jack going to the desert. Knowing that he'll be happy doing what he loves to do is comforting to an extent but life will be lonely here with no adult conversation to look forward to at the end of the day. 14 months is a long time. I'll miss him. The girls will miss him too. Maybe some of Jack's family will come visit while he's gone...STEVEN???KATY??? DAVE??? this means YOU!!! Please come visit when you can. We miss you and love you!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bravery test failed!

Well ya know how I said just a few hours ago about how brave I am and the whole conquering your fear hoopla....Well just scratch everything I said!!! Sitting here at my computerat 11:00pm in my bare feet I feel a little tickle accross my foot. Thinking it's our new little kittens I don't pay much attention to it until I realize Jack put them out for the night (on the lenai not outside) anyhoo...when that thought registers I look down to see a CENTIPEDE running across my BARE foot!!!! ARUGH!!! Needless to say I screamed, and screamed!! Then ran for the only thing I could think of the kitchen tongs!!! I picked the sucker up... what was I thinking??? It wiggled and wiggled until it looked like it would just leap out of the death grip I had on it and boy did it looked pissed! Of course, brave me got the heebeegeebees and threw it out side (with the tongs, a loud squeal and whole body shiver!!) Then I thought about that earlier post SO ... I got a flashlight and the centipede spray and went out to hunt it down! I found it and spayed it until it died...not very quickly I might add. Then I cut him up into four pieces and flushed it. Still not the end of the story though.... I was so mad that my Jack didn't come to rescue me in my time of need. I thought he needed to be woken up. Apparently I need to plan my emergencies a little better because having one late on a warm night when the airconditioners are on, no one can hear my screams for help. ARUGH!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

So...yesterday was my birthday and what grand birthday surprise was waiting for me when I woke up?! (see below) This is the dreaded Hawaiian pest the centipede. The little girls found it on the Lanai (Hawaiian for back patio, ours is screened in). So I killed it of course. I am not one of those girls that squeal and call a man to dispose of such things. Don't get me wrong...I would like to be one of those girls but since I have a husband that is rarely at home when things like this come around and when he is home couldn't be bothered with saving anyone from anything, I do it myself. Case in point...Last time I asked for his help, it was a spider. Not just a little spider either this one was big and furry yikes! So I asked my brave man to come kill it. HA after he finally got up the spider was between the screen and the window so instead of smashing it so I'd never be seeing it again, he opened the window and let it escape!! So now I know there is a huge spider somewhere lurking around my home. Thanks for that. I should have cut it into small peices like I did with the centipede before I flushed it. It was probably full of little huge spider babies just lurking around until I am sleeping and then ....aaaah I can't think of that right now...Yuk! The rest of my birthday was just as crappy as the begining. Ahhh to be old's all downhill from here. I know what your'e thinking gosh what an optimist that Jill is. HA

Famous Hukilau Cafe??

Okay so we went on a bit of an adventure the other day. To find the elusive Hukilau Cafe from the movie "50 First Dates" ya know the one with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler? After about a 40 minute drive (I know this is an island but... these annoying mountains really get in the way of a direct route to anywhere) anyhoo...we are looking for the quaint little cafe in the movie and THIS is what we found. hmmm...we went in anyway and had breakfast. I ordered the local plate LOCO MOCO which said it was spam and rice ( no mention of thick brown gravy or eggs) but what I got was a large styrofoam plate mounded with rice, spam, two eggs over easy and then covered with brown yummy gravy. Not exactly on my new clean eating plan. But if you know me at all I am not one to for go a meal so... It was so yummy. I only ate 1/2 the rice (still about 2 cups of it though), the spam 3 slices, and none of the eggs. I just couldn't do gravy on eggs my little cholesterol meter was screaming already. My friend had the banana pancakes and said they were just okay. So during our meal the waitress, noticing our lack of localness, gave us the low down on why we weren't dining in the cute little cafe visited by Adam Sandler. Apparently the movie makers liked the cafe's name and gave said restaurant $$ for using the name. So instead of filming in this little dive they made their own Huki Lau Cafe over on Dillingham ranch about an hour away...filmed it there and then ripped it down. hmmm is all we had to say.