Friday, November 24, 2006

A good friend and American

Military wives stick together and help each other out as much as possible. This becomes especially important when husbands are deployed and you really just need a friend who is there for you and understands your temporary meltdowns. My friend Danice is one of those friends. So here's my opportunity (and yours) to support a super military spouse and an awesome friend. Go check out this site: She is hand making wooden service flags for families of deployed soldiers. If you've never heard of service flags, take a look. They have a long history that is interesting. It would be great to revive the tradition. If you don't have a family member serving in the war, think of purchasing one for a friend or neighbor. A whopping 60% of her profits go to our local Fisher House which is more awesome people honoring our hero's service. She also gives them to surviving spouses and parents free of charge. It's wonderful to know such good people, kinda makes up for all the crazies...and boy do I have my share around here these days. HA

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

tattle tale

SO ... I have been ratted out. I thought I was really getting away with it too. Until...
littlest princess spilled the beans.
It all started when a friend came over and we started chit chatting about talking to our deployed spouses. So I was showing her my web cam and how it works when my husband comes online and starts chatting with us. Of course the little princesses can't stand me getting daddy all to myself so I let them have him to talk to for a while while I see my friend to the door. when I come back to sit down and chat littlest princess has gotten the can of whipped cream and is showing it to the web cam yelling..." Daddy see this? This is good stuff ....mommy sprays it right in my mouth! it is yummy!! Mommy bought TWO cans!
BUSTED!! bad mommy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

how to entertain a four year old for pennies

I know millions of moms (well I don't know them personally) that can benefit from this information, maybe a few good dads too. It all came about quite by accident. My youngest has a bad ear infection. Dr. said it looked like hamburger ewww right? I am thinking this is bad. Anyways I go out and get a bag of cotton balls becuase the Dr. said that the longer the drops stay in her ear (and water and germs stay out) the better. So I discover that cotton balls are very inexpensive. You get a million for under a dollar. This girl spent the good part of the afternoon making all sorts of stuff from those cotton balls, paper and some glue. "this ones a sheep , this one is a cloudy day, ...and here is a fluffy cat" fun fun fun!