Sunday, June 26, 2005

Greener grass games

Alrighty then (grass isn't greener), here are the things I just don't get:
(after viewing Katy's post for today I had to change #1....)
1. I don't get why overweight elderly people find it necessary to post obscene pictures of themselves for the world to see. Ewww doesn't she have family to tell her to cease and desist?? That's just gross!

2. I just don't get how some people don't seem to be bothered by their own filth. Have you seen that show "How clean is your house" ? Some of these people are seriously filthy. Even to the point of stuff growing in their bathtub and bugs crawling over food in the kitchen. Some of the worse cases have feces on the floor and carpet. Now I admit, I am far from perfect ...I may be a little obsessive about cleaning, but my house is by no means immaculate. I just do the normal stuff like putting food away, wiping off counters, and doing dishes and laundry. Those daily chores seem obvious to me but others (even some in my own family) don't seem to care if the dishes aren't done for a day or two or food is left out to go bad. I just don't know... That's just gross.
3. I don't get how some people are completely okay with breaking the law. Specifically discrimination... At my temp job it was decided that the employee couldn't come back from her medical leave so the position will need to be filled. The recruiter told me they needed to hire a black person because of some affirmative action crap-ola. I think that is absurd! I don't know why race has to come into the hiring equation at all. The most qualified person should get the job period. Race, age, gender shouldn't matter. I know people that know me will say I am a hypocrite because I break the law myself ... But I don't think speeding and the occasional pirated movie counts... Okay it should count but come on..I've said it before and I'll say it again... I am far from perfect.
4. The last thing I can think of that I just don't get is people that don't discipline their children and then wonder why they don't behave... At least I know why my kids misbehave hee hee just kidding... I think my girls are semi-behaved...It keeps it more entertaining that way. I love the show nanny 911! It makes our kids look like angels!

so there you have it... sorry no pictures I am not a very good blogger yet. I did take some pictures of me in shorts but they were pretty bad...maybe next Friday...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday YIPEE!

Yipee! It's Friday and I am not at work! I get to stay home with the girls today while JackArmy is needed on a very important mission in New Orleans. (Last very important mission was setting up chairs for an event). I can't believe they have a SFC with 16 years in drive 3.5 hours one way to do stupid stuff like that, So strange.
I don't mind though because at least I get to take a freaking day off from the wonderful temp job I have. I get to spend the whole day with my little girls and I don't have "the husband" pissing me off by sitting on the computer all day! So that's nice. I'm gonna get tons done today (right after I finish blog'n). Anyhoo I would have put up a self-portrait today but JackArmy stole my new photo. So you can go to his blog and check it out. Man, he is one great-looking dude! I am so lucky. Even if he is on the computer, he sure is good to look at. No shorts sorry Katie, I need to lose about fifty pounds before we subject people to that kind of torture.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

At work

So...I am at work. Maybe I shouldn't blog here but I am taking a little break. I took this "short term temporary position" to fill the time while Jack Army was home awaiting orders. No sense in both of us ignoring the kids, right? So this will be my 10th week in this position and we just got word yesterday that the person for whom I am filling in for will not be back for at least another four weeks! Yikes! Now I am all for earning a little extra money for our family and bills and such, but sheesh it's not so great getting up early every morning while Army boy is still in bed snoozing away. Now I know how he felt. Most days I get the kids breakfast and get them entertained (flip on the TV) before I leave so that he doesn't have to get up right away( I know... I am so great!) But I am getting a bit tired of the dressing up everyday and squeezing myself into these business professional clothes. Then just to come home to everything I usually do when I stay home that needs to be done, ie folding and putting away laundry, cleaning up the huge mess that unentertained kids make, and catching up on all the missed hugs and kisses (that part I don't mind too much). It's frustrating. But here I am at work... Answering phones and filing (I went to college for this?) anyway... Just complaining.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

numero uno!

Okay this is my first post...
I have been watching my husband (Jack Army) Blog since February and to say that he is addicted is a huge understatement. He is on the computer from the moment he wakes up until he's ready for bed. He eats most of his meals at the computer and only gets up to trouble shoot the little girls needs. Yet, I don't mind as much as he thinks I do, I mean, certainly there are worse things to be addicted to. He is a master of the blogs. Not only has he taught himself this activity, he is sharing the addiction with family members (Grass isn't greener, cowboy, etc) and helping them become addicts as well. Isn't he great? And now it is spreading to me. I don't feel like I have much to say but I really enjoy some of the other mommy blogs like my sister-in-law's (grass isn't greener). So maybe I'll find some humorous the one that goes with this picture. We were making cookies for the new neighbors and the four year old says "turn on the light I wanna watch the cookies grow"! Kids are so great! They just say the funniest things like when we are eating dinner and my four year old isn't loving her Kraft macaroni and cheese. Dad says eat up so you can get big and strong. So she starts eating huge bites and says " I wanna be big and fat like mommy"! Great!